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General indications:

1. Open your eye widely.
2. The scleral lens should be centered on the plunger.  

3. The chin need be leaned to the chest, with the head parallel to the ground.

4. Apply the lens softly without exerting pressure.

6. Non-preserved saline solution is recommended.

7. To avoid bubbles, the scleral lens must be overfilled with 0.9% saline solution.


Application methods:


Finger method
1. Two fingers: The lens is placed on the index and middle finger of the dominant hand.

2. Three fingers: Three fingers (the thumb, index, and middle fingers) are used to support the lens.


Device method
different plungers may be used such as plungers with holes with or without stands, ring applicators and orthodontic dental band.

  • If you are using a device, wet it with non-preserved saline before the use.
  • If you are using a plunger, squeeze the side of the plunger before placing the lens on the plunger.
  • Hold the lens form the edge and place it centrally on the fingers or device. If you are using a plunger, at this point         release the side pressure on it.
  • Overfill the scleral lens until the lens appears convex above the lens.
  • Open the eyelids with the thumb and the index finger of the non-dominant hand.
  • Leaning the chin to the chest, with the head parallel to the ground, come closer with the lens and apply it softly in the   eye.
  • If you are using a plunger, at this point squeeze the plunger to release it from the lens surface.
  • Release the eyelids.



You cannot apply the lens in the eye?
1. Insufficient opening of the palpebral fissure. Eyelids popped out from under the fingers.
2. You looked away and missed the position of the eye.


Check the presence of air bubbles

There should never be a bubble under the lens after the lens application.


An air bubble is present?

  • The lens is not overfilled with saline.
  • The lens was not stable on the support (fingers or device).
  • The eyelids are not widely open. An eyelid touches the lens and decenter on the plunger or the fingers.

In these cases, the lens need to be removed and reapplied on the eye.




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