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The Euro & Austral-Asian Scleral Lens Academy intends to promote the development and knowledge of Scleral Lenses and the related disciplines, both to the public and to the professionals and, in particular, it has the following aims:


  1. to promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas in the scientific, clinical, medical and technical fields of the topics concerning Scleral Lenses;
  2. to promote education and teaching in the field of Scleral Lenses through the organization of periodic scientific meetings, characterized by interdisciplinary aspects, full freedom of scientific debate, as well as through the promotion of specific editorial tools;
  3. to promote regular meetings, updates, courses, demonstrations, meetings and exhibitions regarding Scleral Lenses in order to allow professional updating and dissemination of knowledge of Scleral Lenses to the public;
  4. d) to stimulate research and study activities in the field, also through awards and scholarships of Scleral Lenses;
  5. to develop and define collaborative and conventional relationships with other professional associations and consumer categories in order to achieve the institutional goals;
  6. to collaborate with public and private schools and optics and optometry schools in the various international universities;
  7. g) to activate formal partnerships with national and international companies concerning Scleral Lenses if the scope is not in conflict with their own and allow the respect of the autonomy of the Association;
  8. to create a website to establish and manage an exchange in information between the members and with the public;
  9. to establish a documentation center and take care of its development, with monographs, magazines and others publications concerning Scleral Lenses;
  10. to favor the establishment of rules of behavior and professional ethics through an ethic code
  11. to develop protocols, guidelines, and informed consent regarding Scleral Lenses
  12. to provide solutions of problems of economic, legal and fiscal nature concerning Scleral Lenses promoting market research, studies in different sectors of interest to the Association;
  13. to represent the interests of the Members, should these be of general relevance and widespread importance, in every seat as well as in those Institutes, Bodies, Organizations, Conferences, national and international, public or private, in which the presence of the Association is appropriate;
  14. to perform other activities that its executive bodies recognize as useful in order to achieve institutional goals of the Association.
  15. to promote and publicize the activity and the image of the Association using models, designs and emblems, directly or through third parties.


in order to achieve its purposes, the Association may open sub-offices in other international cities.

The Association will not perform activities other than the one indicated above except those closely associated to them or those by nature, as they are integrative.


In with respect to these limits, through specific resolutions, the Association may pursue, purely marginal and non-profit, self-financing commercial activities: in this case, regulations, administrative and fiscal norms have to be complied.



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EASLA thanks Dr. Edward Boshnick for his contribution providing most of the images included in this website

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